Service & Maintenance

All Sewage treatment systems need regular maintenance.  You, the home owner, are responsible for ensuring that your waste water system is properly managed and not polluting the environment.  Regular maintenance of your sewage treatment system helps to keep your unit operating to its full capacity treating effluent to a standard that complies with The Environment Agency regulations.

If your suspect that your sewage treatment plant is discharging effluent that is not compliant with the Environment Agency legislation you have a legal obligation to repair or replace your sewage system, this must be carried out by a competent person.

You can find a list of British accredited service engineers. On the British Water website at

Covering the Northwest of England, you can rest assured we at NGH will maintain your sewage treatment system to the highest possible standard.

With one of our waste water service and management plans you can be confident that your unit is functioning within the Environmental Agency regulations.  We offer a choice of service agreements with a range of payment options

When you contact us we will  discuss which service contract will best suit your needs  and we at NGH will arrange an initial site visit where we will carry out a thorough site survey to ascertain the condition of your entire waste water treatment system from all accessible external foul drainage to your tank through to your discharge point.

We offer three standard domestic service packages, these are standard, premium and premium plus as well as offering bespoke tailored service package for both domestic and commercial customers that will best suits the requirements of your sewage treatment system.