Home Buyers Surveys

Purchasing a new property is one of the biggest investments you will make and a drain survey report will highlight problems avoiding the risk of costly works after completion

CCTV surveys are a cost-effective method of evaluating the condition of the drains without resorting to expensive and disruptive excavation

By utilising the latest technology, we can investigate problems with your drains and can easily determine the appropriate remedial action.

All properties regardless of age can experience drainage issues.  A survey can detect any issues enabling us to provide a no obligatory quotation for repair.

Home Buyers Survey Prices

Terrace property                    £195 +VAT

Semi-detached property       £250+VAT

Detached property                £300+VAT


Home Sellers Drain Survey

When selling a property, you want to ensure that everything is in order for potential buyers.  With a drain survey you will be able to pass the CCTV footage on to your potential buyers as visual evidence to prove this.  You will also have detailed description of the property drainage system.

Home Sellers Septic Tank Surveys

When you are selling a property, which is reliant on of mains drainage you must now inform the new owners in writing of what type of sewage treatment system you have, the location of the tank, drainage field / soakaway or point of discharge.  Details of how your sewage treatment system should be maintained and any maintenance records you may have.

A drain survey is not required in a standard home buyers survey but will be just as important as a thorough inspection of your drainage and waste water treatment system will ensure that it meets with the current building regulations and the requirement for the new waste water regulations that have recently come into force.

To assist with this, we offer a choice of two home buyers surveys: