Case Studies

Case Study 1
Client:United Utilities ¦ Contract Value:£280,000 ¦ Contract Period:32 Weeks

Case Study 1 Project Description:
Removal of cross connections between two water mains carrying treated and non treated water, running between Bickerstaff bore hole and Gorse Hill service reservoir. The project consisted of the removal of eight cross connections and valves and the installation of blanking flanges and thrust blocks between the two live 600mm trunk mains often being carried out at night to cause little disruption as possible to local residents due to the draining down of the mains.


Case Study 2
Client:Barnfield Construction/Cross Construction ¦ Contract Value:£5,500 ¦ Contract Period:1 Week

Case Study 2 Project Description:
Part of a joint venture between Cross construction and Barnfield Construction we carried out a connection to the service water sewer crossing one carriage way of Reedley Road in Brierfield which will eventually carry the service water from the residential and commercial properties once the development has taken place.







Case Study 3
Client:United Utilities ¦ Contract Value:£18,000 ¦ Contract Period:6 Weeks

Case Study 3 Project Description:
The demolition of the existing booster pumping station at Wardle and the alterations to the existing wet well and construction of a new dry well and associated pipe works, pumps and kiosk to carry new MCC and telemetry.